Jeep tour

Mix tours, jeep + walking + shourt camel ride:

On most programs in Wadi Rum, you will find "one day jeep tour", then "one day hiking", the jeep tour being only the stops at the highlights defined for the tour, and the walking in one area only.
We prefer to offer you both in the same day, because a whole day in a 4x4 can be boring, and a whole day walking in the sand a bit tiring if you are not a hiker ! With us, you can both ride the jeep and walk during the same day, and it's you who'll decide how long you like to walk.
You will see the famous places of Wadi Rum, of course, but not only them : many astonishing views from higher points and narrow canyons, even more beautiful and where others never go, are waiting for you. In any case, you can always begin or end your trip by one or two hours of camel riding.

So Where Do We Go On This Tour?

  • Lawrence Spring - Walk up through rocks and boulders to find the water (and a lovely fig tree to rest under).  During spring time you are greeted by the heady smell of herbsThe view across the Wadi from here is legendary!
  • Khazali Canyon - This canyon was once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, especially in the hot summer.  You can easily imagine how it would have looked with Bedouin tents, family's resting, drinking tea, and children playing.  You can find on the canyon walls many ancient rock inscriptions(See if you can spot the inscriptions of feet, and the lady giving birth).
  • Red Sand Dunes - This area is very beautiful with many differing colour'sof rock and sand.  You can climb up the sand dune for the wonderful view at the top.  Then we like to jump off it & run down it (some silly people also like to roll down it!).
  • Anfishieh Inscriptions - Rock inscriptions on the Anfishieh Jebel from the Thamudic and Nabatean periods.
  • Around about now: Lunch -  We do not have a fixed time or place for lunch so we will use our instincts and listen to our tummies!  However, we will always find a good place to relax and eat lunch, often with a view of the Burdah Arch. During the longer days of the summer, we visit Burrah canyon for lunch where you are free to explore on foot for up to 1.5 hours.
  • Burdah Arch - this natural rock bridge is set high up on the mountain.  On your tour you will just look at it from a distance… we hope you will have time to stay in Wadi Rum and climb it with us on another day.
  • House of Lawrence - a Nabatean structure that Lawrence of Arabia, according to hearsay, wasd used during the Great Arab Revolution to store weapons.  But without lingering on the possible academia of this site there is a wonderful view from here.
  • Um Frouth Arch - This is a natural rock bridge, created by many years of water and wind.  You can climb to the top… as long as you are not afraid of heights!
  • Small Sand Dune & “The Chicken” - in a remote corner with a wonderful view across from the red desert to the white desert.  This is a good place to relax at the end of your day and just take in the splendour of Wadi Rum.  The Chicken Rock is an interesting rock with two legs!
  • Return to Camp/ or into the wilderness for:  sunset, a well earned dinner, sometimes music and a very special night sky.


1 person: 85JD
2 -4 people: 50JD per person
5 people 45JD per person
6 or more people: 40JD per person

 Jeep tour + Overnight in desert:

When it comes about sleeping, we have of course a camp, but, except if you're afraid of spending a day or two without a bathroom, the most authentic way to spend a night in the desert is to do it in a cave"tor", one of these many natural cavities which make the unique charm of Wadi Rum.
Around a big fire, you will see the barbecue cooking slowly, enjoying bedouin tea with the candle light, or the moon light when it's almost full !
You will sleep on confortable mattresses, under warm blankets, inside a small tent in winter time.
And a little washing is possible, with little water of course.


2-3 person: 60JD/person
4- 5person :55JD /person                                                                                                                                                                                                            
6 or more :50JD/person                                                                                                         

After a night in the desert, if you wish we can bring you back to Rum Village by camel! It would take about two hours and will cost 30JD/person as always with a mounted guide. We could also arrange this at the end of any tour. The price includes all meals, jeep transfers as stated, guide service and equipment for sleeping in the desert. It does not include the entrance fee to Wadi Rum which is 5JD. . We supply mineral water.

If you are looking for more than just one day in Wadi Rum here are a number of possibilities that can be "added on" toany of the other trips. See also below for two day programmes.The prices indicated take into account that you are already a client and are not necessarily the prices that would be charged for the excursion taken alone.

An extra day in 4x4 going far to the south into the unfrequented valleys around the beautiful and lonely Wadi Saabit. You would be unlikely to see anybody or anything other than a few scattered Bedouin and theirtents.

Price : 65JD per person for 2 people, 55JD/person for 3 people and50JD/person for 4 people or more. This price includes everything, the jeep, the guide, all meals and mattresses and blankets for sleeping.

A short camel ride:

After a night in the desert, if you wish we can bring you back to Rum Village by camel! It would take about two hours and will cost30JD/person or 25JD/person if you are 4 or more - as always with a mounted guide. We could also arrange this at the end of any tour or if you prefer we could do it at the beginning of a jeep tour, picking you up at the sand dunes to continue with the tour. The last option is useful if you want to leave on one of the early morning buses..

Extra night in the desert:

An extra night in the desert can always be arranged either at the beginning or at the end of your visit. The price would be 20JD/person, including supper, breakfast and a return to the Resthouse at Rum Village. We can also offer special prices for people wanting to stay longer thanthree days in the desert.

Visiting Wadi Rum alon                                                       

Our prices are structured for a minimum of two people and we have already cut them down as much as we can. It is quite impossible for us to take just one person for the price that two people pay individually, and we have to add a surcharge which is usually about  50%, depending on the requirements of the tour. Many people write to us saying that they "would like to join a group" but it doesn't work like this. The "groups" we have are private or family groupswho have reserved together and often they do not want outsiders with them - which we consider to be very reasonable. During the peak holiday months of April and October, there is a good chance that we can fit you in with somebody else, but even then you should not count on this. The rest of the year if you cannot link up with other people (in Petra for instance) you should only contact us if you are willing to pay the extra price. There is no point in your asking us if there are any other bookings for the dates you are interested in - we have found the hard way that people frequently change dates, change their programmes or cancel altogether.

Please do not write to us several weeks or even months in advance. This is quite useless. Most people reserve with us a week or two in advance only, and the time for any solo traveller to get in touch is three or four days before they plan to come - or even later! If you can keep your plans flexible, this helps, but we do understand that this is not always easy.

Besides money and the cost for just one person, we have the further problem of not wanting to block a guide for just one traveller for a particular programme, especially a long one, when we might be seriously short of guides in general. So even if you are willing to pay the extra money we might have other considerations which make us refuse - we would not open the desert camp for just one person to sleep there for instance.

We are sorry about this, but while we are anxious to help you, there is a limit to what we can do.

Extra excursions:

Private  tours

We realise that sometimes it is difficult for people to pay the cost of our tours, although we still insist that we give good value.

If we have several people wanting the same programme on the same day, we therefore automatically take you all together and apply the cheaper price. However some of you prefer to be alone with the guide and we ask you to state this when you make your reservation - or in any case AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE you arrive in Wadi Rum. We make an extra charge of 10JD/person per day for this. During the high season the service may not be available or the charge may be doubled. We do realise that this charge is high, but so many people are asking for this service that we are running short of good guides.

So unless you are on your honeymoon or are travelling with three turbulent children, please try not to ask us for this service during the main tourist periods. These periods, incidentally, are March to May, and September to November and also the two weeks including Christmas and the New Year.

We should like to make it quite clear that if you do not arrange specifically for a private trip, it is entirely possible that you will find yourself with others on your tour to a maximum number of 8 people.

Private tours are only "private" during the day. There are likely to be other clients in the camp for supper and for the overnight. But there are plenty of places to be private around our camp. It is very seldom that we have more than a dozen people there. In fact we have found that on the whole our clients get on very well together. You have a number of things in common: You are nearly all not just independent travellers, but EXPERIENCED independent travellers. You are intelligent and use the Internet regularly; you research a country before visiting it. Most of you have good jobs, a surprising number of you have very interesting jobs. Nearly all of you enjoy outdoor activities, many of you practise a sport at home. You are adaptable - and you expect us to be too. (Even though we offer a large variety of programmes we still need to customize them for nearly a  quarter of you). And you enjoy meeting people and exchanging experiences and advice.

So don't be afraid that you will find yourself in a package tour group!